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Sound suppressor for m4 w/ a2 flash hider

ok question, i have scoured the internet endlessly for an answer to this question with NO results, i was iraq in 2006- 2007 and the iraqi special forces guys i was working with had sound suppressors for their US supplied m4 carbines, they also have (supposedly) US supplied M4 suppressors for use with the A2 flash hider, these suppressors are of good quality, very solid in construction, so im sure it isnt some locally produced knockoff junk, the sound reduction is excellent and they are very simple to use, just 2 pieces, the actual suppressor part and a lug nut to tighten it down to the A2 flash hider, the attachment steps are simple, 1. remove lug nut, 2. place lug nut on second groove of flash hider, 3. place suppressor on end of barrel, 4. thread lug nut onto suppressor until hand tight (these are the exact instructions hand written in arabic by an iraqi SF translator at the range who claims this lot of suppressors was given to them by american special forces) i have used the suppressor on my own weapon while at said range and it performed very well. my question is, does anyone have any information whatsoever about this type of suppressor??? also, the lug nut part i mentioned is the only piece with any kind of inscription/serial number? the lug nut on every suppressor reads "AU SP" and "CQB 676". just interested as i am a suppressor fanatic and this was the most simply built and seemingly durable suppressor i have ever seen
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