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I think I will be looking for a the Mosin Nagant M91/38 Carbine, not sure I like the bolt.
No. No. No.
The 91/38 is a cut-down rifle.

Look for an actual M38 Carbine. ...which was designed to be a carbine.
The better M38s are pre-war (1939/1940), or post-war (1946 - fairly rare). Oddly, there are more M38s available without import marks, than the more common M44. If you would prefer a rifle without import marks, take your time looking around. Through a ridiculous stroke of luck, I stumbled upon a post-war (1946) M38 with no import marks, priced as if it was a beat up M44. ...A golden egg fell into my lap.

If you want a little better quality and accuracy (at a slightly higher price), look for a Finnish M39.
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