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I have several Lee push through sizers. I have successfully "customized" one; I honed out the ID to size bullets to .431". Works great. I also have one I bought from Ranchdog that is about .432" that I us on his 265 gr. GC design bullets I cast from wheel weights. I size pan lubed and tumble lubed bullets and also apply gas checks. Works good!

Alox is as messy as you are. I personaly don't have a problem with the "mess" of tumble lubing. Bullets go in container ( butter tub), not on my hands. Squirt in a bit of thinned alox or 45-45-10, keeping it in the tub. Swirl a bit and dump on alum. foil. Now here's where I get "messy". I stand the bullets on the base so excess will run down the bullet to keep my seater die cleaner. I totally get my thumb and forefinger messy, but 1/2 second and a paper towel will fix that. Some folks don't bother to stand up the bullets just let 'em lay so they won't get two fingerd dirty. If not applied too thickly, aloxed bullets shouldn't be sticky to handle and seat easily.

I've used alox on low powered 38 Special WC, up to mid range .44 Magnum with little problems...
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