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Dear Mr. Tool?????

The other route is drilling a cast bullet on center with say a No. 10 tap drill...#21, & tap hole for 10-32thread. Thread a No. 10 screw in & only turn by hand. using the bullet as a lap.
and GP100Man

take a bullet & drill a hole the size ya need for a small bolt or screw to go into deep enuff to hold securely.
and everyone else that offered insight into this mess I'm making:

I took the stupid mold apart and looked at it under that fancy microscope and sheeesh! the tooling on this sucker is not pretty! It reminds me of how bad a "new" chisel straight out of the package from the manufacturer looked when I looked at it under the same microscope - TERRIBLE TOOLING. Scared me so much I went out and bought the Japanese Waterstones and fixed all of my "sharp" things in the shop!

Back to the Lee mold: there were ragged gouges etc that were obviously factory tooling mistakes too numerous to count. I'm a pretty laid back guy most of the time but.....well.....even I have limits! I'd be ready to pay for those fancy expensive molds except.... the Lee molds work great for all of the lousy tooling in that microscopic world.

Anyway Ideal Tool and GP100Man, I took your advice and drilled and tapped one of the cast bullets and made a nice little lapping tool. I was tempted to get out the 600 grit lapping powder but I refrained and just used the bullet lap and rotated it in both sides of each cavity until I got bored and things looked a little better under the microscope. Cleaned them out with a couple of nylon brushes and back to the bench.

Cast a bunch more pretty little down range projectiles and watched them drop out of the mold every time I opened it.

Can't thank all of you enough. It's tough when you are a newbie and start having problems that you don't know if thats just the way it works or whether it can be fixed. Sooooo....thanks again and please do let me know if there is ever anything I can do in return.
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