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I have several of the lee "push through" sizers. The problem with them is; they don't come in enough different sizes to handle some bigger, or smaller size-to diameters. They make them in pretty much standard size-to diameters. Then, if you want to use a stick lube, you must pan lube, to me a major PITA.

So, I have been gradually switching to Lyman sizer dies for my 450. They're available in more different sizes and they allow you to use just about any lube. I recently decided to get some carnuba red from;

Glenn Larsen makes the carnuba red as well as several other lubes. It requires heat to flow, about 100 degrees. So I bought a Lyman heater to go under the lubber. The carnuba red is reputed to be able to go to 2600 fps with rifle boolits. Gas checked of course, and sized to .001-.002 over bore diameter.
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