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I'm new here, but a long time pistoleer with cap and ball revolvers. Gatofeo, I seem to recall you posting this info a few years ago on another board; Greybeards or The Frontier Spot? Don't recall now, but I'm glad to see it again as I lost your old post during a computer crash a while back.

I use a similar mix of paraffin and beeswax (haven't tried the tallow mix yet), pour hot mixture into a pie pan to about 1/8'' depth, let it cool then use an empty .45 case to cut out wads. Like you, I place them directly on top of the powder them ram the ball home over it. Works like a charm and I am able to fire off six or seven cylinders full in my '58 Remington before it even begins to show signs of binding. I will admit that I cut grease holding grooves in my cylinder pin which helps too. I just rub a little SPG or Lube 103 on the cylinder pin and then go to shooting.

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