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TWO more magazines? I thought I only needed 3 mags total. I just ordered another one (a 12-rd mag) so that I can chamber a round and still have 10 (or 11 if need be) more left over. But now I need 4 mags?

Not if you have a 12 shot you can load with 11 to start off.

I also just picked up a new paddle holster and a double mag pouch; I can't wait to go to my first match.

All you need in that area.

Will people look at me funny if I use a realistic cover garment (I'm just not a vest kind of guy), like an untucked t-shirt or button-down?

"Realistic" concealment is pretty common. I have been known to wear an aloha shirt. A button down you can sweep open is easier to work with than pulling up a t-shirt. Starch it so it doesn't wrap around your arm.
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