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Boy, my experience was just the reverse of Zippy13. Started in the late 70's early 80's with the Lee pan lube kit, remember that! Used it for a while and decided it was BS and bought a Lyman in the early to mid 80's. Think it was a Model 45. Used it for a while and decided it was BS and gradually acquired some Star tools (3) and accessories, heaters extra dies and top punches. Liked the Stars a lot. Used them from the mid to late 80's thru 2010.

Then read on the Cast Boolits board several posts from shooters that said they liked the Lee size and lube kits. Said they were cutting Alox up to 40% - 50% with good results. What the heck - for about $20.00 including the shipping I bought a 38 special kit. Liked it a lot.

Sold the Star stuff for about $700.00 + freight. Spent maybe may be $100.00 - $150.00 on Lee kits and 5 quarts of Xlox.

Haven't had any reason to look back yet

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