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Two more magazines for the Keltec would be a big help.
You are allowed one in the gun and two on the belt. The extra is for a "Barney Bullet" to load the chamber with to get to a 10+1 start with a minimum of fumbling.

You must have a strong side holster. An IWB is the most concealable but an OWB is faster and safer. You may reload from your pocket but a magazine carrier is faster and easier.

You must frequently draw from under a "concealment garment." This is something to practice dryfire with an empty gun until you can do it without getting tangled in your shirttail or jacket hem.

Don't get discouraged if you don't go out and set the range on fire the first time (or dozen times) like you often read about on the internet. There is a lot to learn and it does not come naturally. Matches are not training, they are a test of your skill and a pointer to what you need practice at.

I haven't repeated The Four Priorities in a while, so here they are:

First and Foremost: Be safe. Don't hurt anybody, don't scare anybody, don't get disqualified for safety rule violation.
Second: Follow instructions. The Course of Fire will tell you what you should do. Keep your wits about you and your eyes open and run the stage as prescribed. You will not see the same thing twice the same day... maybe not ever.
Third: Hit the target. You cannot miss fast enough to win.
Fourth: Move along. Your time is your score, with additions for poor hits and poor execution, so don't dawdle around. Don't stare at the target trying to score it, don't talk to yourself, just execute and shoot. But, do not run before you walk, LITERALLY, you've got to get through the stage safely.

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