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Hello, Mauser Rat. zxcvbob is right about where to hit the mould. Those aluminum blocks are pretty delicate. The fact you cast 100 with no problem, then started sticking could be either something sticking in cavity..or more likely, a small burr thrown up at cavity edge. You will have to use a magnifier to inspect cavity edges very closely. I am not a big fan of AL moulds for this and other reasons. If you have any small 3 sided hard Arkansas stones, you can VERY lightly..I am talking only about the weight of stone itself here..go over mould face, using lots of light oil. If there is a burr..this will probably force it down into cavity. Using a rubber pencil erasure gently rub from bottom of cavity up and out towards edge..the rubber is very slightly abrasive, & should remove anything. The other route is drilling a cast bullet on centerr with say a No. 10 tap drill...#21, & tap hole for 10-32thread. Thread a No. 10 screw in & only turn by hand. using the bullet as a lap. With AL., I would start with something fine like any rate, I wouldn't use anything coarser than JB compound..don't overdo this! just want to clean up edges of cavity. Best of luck!
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