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I shoot a 30-338 I made on an HVA Husky 5000 commercial smallring magnum action.It has a 26 in Lilja #3 bbl on it.
I get 2900 fps with a 200 gr nosler Accubond.Not that I would shoot at game at way long range,at 8000 ft,it will still be at 2000+ fps at 700 yds.BTW,that load works out perfectly with a Leupold B+C reticle zero'd at 300 yds.
You do things your way,no problem,but that sure is an elegant stock.
I am not an expert on old Leupolds,I was a Weaver guy.The knurled ocular looked Redfield.I saw some script and zoomed in on it.I read Kolluoroski or something like that,I didn't write it down.I also saw "........klyn,N.Y,which
I assume may be Brooklyn.That does not seem Leupold.
I could be wrong,but I think maybe the .308 Norma came first.Long ago,milsurp conversion days,Norma had a program of renting reamers to gunsmiths to convert 30-06 rifles to their proprietary round.They followed with the .358 Norma.
Might be the 30-338 came first,though,as the .338 came out in 1958.
I saw my first .358 Norma,on an M-70 fwt,in 1964 or so,my older brother's moose gun.

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