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I think we all should be aware that none of these cases are expected to actually win at the district level.

Maestro, you are partially correct. These cases are meant for the Circuit Courts and higher (SCOTUS). The arguments are actually written that way, on purpose.

If we get wins in the Circuits, we will not need to go higher. If the Circuits split, it will invoke the SCOTUS to fix the split(s).

What the cases are doing is to map out the scope (extent) of the right to bear arms (as opposed to keep/possess arms - that one was one with Heller).

If a State has unregulated open carry, then the State may regulate concealed carry, pretty much however it wants. If the State does not have open carry, then the concealed carry option must be fair to all - Shall Issue.

Lawsuits tackling the cost of a concealed carry license will come later, after the right to carry (in whatever manner) is firmly set.
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