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Having just read it again, it strikes me that the very persuasive and eloquently argued Ezell brief was written as much for the SCOTUS as for this court.

To me these arguments are unassailable, but I am long past possessing sufficient naivete to believe that the ideologues in the lower courts won't twist and contort until their result matches their vision. I wish it weren't true.

Nothing short of unequivocal, specific protection from the SCOTUS for the bearing of loaded guns outside the home except in narrowly defined, genuinely sensitive places will slow the infringement one bit. And that won't even stop everyone.

Nope, as one poster from Calguns repeatedly (and sometimes annoyingly) asserts, they won't stop until they are led away in handcuffs. I am coming to hope and believe we will see that day.

I hope that SCOTUS will seize the next opportunity to offer as much guidance to the lower courts as it can, lest this ridiculous dance go on for decades.
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