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Trigger stop?

I do not think the rules permit an added on trigger stop like a screw in the back of the trigger.
My take on the rules is that they are allowed.

Under "Permitted Modifications" of SSR guns (page 26; emphasis mine):
"2. Action work to enhance trigger pull as long as safety is maintained (smoothing of the trigger face, removing the hammer spur, use of over travel stop, conversion to DA only and addition of ball detent are considered action work and are permitted."

action work?

You bet, as long as all safety features remain. It was once common to leave the hammer block out of PPC guns and that would not be allowed in IDPA... nor smart.
And if your gun is a newer gun, with The Lock, it may not be removed or disabled, either.


That is ok but I am sorry I had mine converted. SA is handy to have for testing ammo and to permit rolling the cylinder to check for binding when loading.
A hammer spur can save you in the event of a high primer, but I've not run into this problem myself. It's a good thing, too, as my match revolvers are all DAO.

IMO, base mods for an SSR gun would be grips that fit your hand, an action job, installation of a fiber optic front sight, and chamfering of the cylinder chambers.

Depending on preference, other niceties might include, conversion to DAO, radiusing & polishing of the trigger face, aftermarket rear sight (Millet's my preference), interchangeable front sight.

Of course, the gun should be in spec to begin with, so if you're going to have any of the above done on your gun, it'd also be worth having it thoroughly looked over. Issues such as timing, tight throats, bad crown, end shake etc ought to be fixed, as they'll undermine all the other work that's done.
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