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Earliest WWII Military Model 12

Over the last year over on the Military Surplus Collectors Forum we have came up with 6 WWII Model 12 shotguns not previously known to exist. The internet is great to get information collected.

My Model 12 is the earliest With Serial Number 92635X.
It has a Barrel Date of 1940.
It has the US marking in Letters 3/8 Tall Centered on the Left side of the Reciever.
Open Flame Bomb on top of the barrel infront of the RW Inspector stamp.
Left Side butt stock WB Inspector Cartouch
Left Butt Stock behind the WB is a Cross Cannon Ordinance Wheel Stamp.
Barrel 28" Full Choke.

The other 5 all have 1941 Barrel Dates, but other wise all are marked the same.

1. 92635X 28" Full Choke
2. 92642X 28" Full Choke
3. 926872 20" Riot
4. 926XXX 20" Riot
5. 92715X 28" Full Choke
6. 9291XX 28" Full Choke

From my research I found out that we had 30 military bases under crash construction during 1940 and 1941. Gearing up for the war we thought was comming. Army troop strength was 200,000 in 1939. By the summer of 1941 troop strength was over 1.5 Million. Again Pre Pearl Harbor.
What I believe, is that these are Pre Pearl Harbor Model 12's from an early Military Contract to arm the new training bases under construction in 1941. The 28" Full Choke guns were probably for Aerial Gunnery Training. The Riot Guns I would think would be for MP Training and Guard Duty.

With only 6 located so far, and the main collectors being totally unaware of them until the last year. I think these might be the most collectable and Rare WWII Military Model 12's in existance. This is what I think.

What do the experts think?

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