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I will be the guy pasting targets driving the Red Ranger UTV.
We will be glad to have you.
Gun Runner is the Club Secretary, he will be handling Match Registration.
You will not be alone on the drive we have several shooters from Illinois, and Arkansas. We have a couple guys from Indiana who make it once in a while.
I guess we will see you on the 27th for the 100 thru 800 yard Multi Range F Class Match.

We also have a 2-gun combat course going all day. Centerfire and Rimfire Divisions. Pistol and carbine. The handgun required 20 rounds, and 40 carbine.

If you need more info my e-mail address should be in my profile.

You might be able to work out a car pool in the future. I think we have a couple new shooters from around Dexter.


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