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Maybe this is just a byproduct of no money as in I think about shooting about 100 times more than I shoot. But anyway I find myself taking a much more mental approach to shooting. As the original at that said, good shooting is like good anything.

Good anything is way more mental than equipment or technique. That's why I didn't say anything about trigger mods. Technique yes, you need a few basics that you can work on until you get them right every time. Then at some point you will know the rules well enough to know when and how to break them to achieve better results.

The dryfire thought I am burned in on right now is a quote I got last week in a class not the least gun related.
"You can only achieve positive results through positive thoughts and actions."
Think about that one dryfiring. You want the bullseye, think you got it, not OMG I'm GONNA FLINCH, too wobbly, Breathe! Hold your Breath! There it is FIRE!

Whatever positive thought works, think it. I often have a momentary thought wander in a split second as the sear is breaking, I think it is because I subconsciously know when it will break. Often the shot is on, but the sight tracking and follow through goes.

That same quote i'm trying to apply to my difficult 3 year old too. Not quite as easy though.
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