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I want to make sure my barrel extension isnt considered a suppressor

I'm building my younger brother a .22LR copy of the suppressed CAR15 used in the movie Black Hawk Down.

Base gun is a SW .22LR AR15 clone, and I built up a sort of barrel shroud / barrel extension thing to give it that mock-suppressor look. However, I want to make sure first that it wont be construed as an actual suppressor.

I included a rudimentary paint mock up, but basically the mock suppressor is a plastic tube that runs the length of the barrel and sticks out about 2 inches past the flash hider. There is NO ENDCAP of any sort, its simply open at the end, much like the Noveske KX3 type flash hiders. It doesnt make a difference in terms of noise at all, but I just wanted to be sure of the legality of this first.

Any thoughts?

Again, the tube is OPEN at the end, no constraining end cap or anything. There is about 2-2.5inches of open tube between the flash hider/barrel and the end of the tube.
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