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One thing you might consider is if u decide to purchase a range finding reticle type scope, that all ranging will be calcualted on 10x power.

Second, the biggest disvantage of extremely high power magnification is they respond to the slighest viberation. Breath, heart beat, and pulse from hands. This can be a problem with some shooters because they tend to fight the crosshairs because it becomes physically taxing to try and steady the crosshairs. I personally find high magnification to be cumbersome, unless shooting on a rock steady bench. On high magnification, "crosshair ambushing" is the norm. Thats when you watch the natural movement of the crosshairs and pick a point time when the reticle will meet the target and at the same time while breaking the shot.

I have been a LEO sniper for 6 years, and I will say it is nice to have high magnification to observe, all shots will be taken on 10 or 12 power. However, eggs at 600 yards can be diffcult to see, I still think 16x would be my top end.

Food for thought.
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