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Shafter wrote:
Wow! Those old hands move pretty quick! Nice pistols but I'm not sure about the holsters. When I'm in the mood to wear my gun butt-forward I just slide the holster to the other side. Straight up and down.
Thanks Shafter. Yeah, my holsters are just cheapo Oklahoma leather ones. They are actually vertical holsters that I just push to tilt on my belt to angle them. They are NOT crossdraw holsters and they move around sometimes when I draw and mess up my draw as you can see in the video. So to stop them moving around and to get more secure holsters, I have me this idea for a multiple and modular holster rig I want to build.

My idea is to make a modular holster rig design that will allow me to draw my butt forward draw when not in a SASS match and then quickly convert my modular holsters to allow me to conform to SASS rules for their matches. From my correspondence with other SASS shooters and reading the SASS rulebooks, it appears they would not allow my special style of butt forward draw. Because for one section of the draw the revolver is twirled on my finger and also because even though the revolver is barrel downward at 30 degrees in the holster, the rules state it must be vertical. So I can't use my draw in SASS matches, but I still want to use it elsewhere and also be able to use the same holster rig for SASS matches. So I had to design something that would be quick change and modular to work for any application.

In these rough sketches below you can get an idea of my modular multiple holster design that allows a quick change between one, two, three or four holsters and in any angle or vertical position and butt forward or butt rearward. These are just rough sketches of course, but you can get the idea. In this way no matter how the SASS rules are interpreted, I can conform to them while at the same time having the ability to configure my rig how I want to use my special butt forward draw when not in an SASS match.
The best of both worlds using the same rig. I may also use thin sheet steel in between layers of the leather to provide stiffness so the holsters don't move around when I draw like my current ones do.

Below, modular quick detach four holster configuration. 30 degree angle butt forward configuration. Yes I would be carrying 4 revolvers. Maybe 6 including the double shoulder holster rig I want to also incorporate to use with my modular lower belt design. Why 4 or 6 revolvers? Why not? I'm a big guy and I can take the weight of 4 or 6 revolvers and because it's different from every other holster rig out there and also because there is less reloading that way . Yeah, I know, I'm nuts.

But just in case I need more firepower, I plan to have extra leather cylinder holders on my belt for my BP revolvers, especially for my quick cylinder changing Remys. (The leather pouches for Ruger 10/22 10 rd rotary magazines work perfect for holding extra BP cylinders and are cheaper than buying the ones made specifically for holding extra cylinders).

Sure it will be a heavy rig carrying four guns, but I don't plan on hiking with it and remember, I can modular configure it to just two or even one holster if I want. So I can load it up, or lighten it down to whatever application I want to use it for. Nothing like this exists, so I have to make it.

Below, same main belt (with steel sheet reinforced between leather layers downward projecting rectangles that the holsters attach to), but instead of using four holsters as above, I remove two and just use two quick detach holsters in a completely vertical configuration. By simply changing the holsters to opposite sides, I can quickly make them butt forward but still vertical. In this way I can use both the butt forward and butt rearward VERTICAL configurations for SASS matches. I can also change the angle from completely vertical to 30 degrees or less. The holsters will be securely attached so they don't move around on the belt like my current Oklahoma leather holsters do.

This will be a project I will be working on for awhile.

What do you think? Like the concept of a modular do anything in any configuration holster rig like this?

"This is my Remy and this is my Colt. Remy loads easy and topstrap strong, Colt balances better and never feels wrong. A repro black powder revolver gun, they smoke and shoot lead and give me much fun. I can't figure out which one I like better, they're both fine revolvers that fit in my leather".
"To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target".

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