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My future son-in-law just brought the big smith by to see if my bullets will clear the cylinder. Yup, with room to spare. They look so darn long, and since I only saw the revolver once over a year ago, I wasn't sure.

What a hog leg! Massive is an understatement.

That's the 8-3/8 BBL. 4-¾ pounds empty.

SIL was out shooting some 700 grain bullets that he got from somewhere. A variety pack that had 5 bullet weights in it. He said the 700's were a piece of cake. I have no idea what powder charge they are loaded with, he was able to one-hand the big 500.

As for what I'm going to shoot at with it, just paper for now. I may try to catch an expanded HP just to see what they would expand to. It's heavy enough AND the built in muzzle brake helps out a lot.

Ya gonna try polishing those pins so they release the boolits better???
Yeah, I did! The penta point is the only one that was hanging up. A few swipes with a fine diamond hone cleaned the machine marks off it, then some FA mold release completed the job.
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