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Extreme reliability is what I require in any semi-auto being used for self-defense. I'll get rid of any firearm being employed for self-protection if I can't trust it to function reliably, and I don't care how nice it looks or feels nor who made it.
I agree. I've had Glocks, CZ, Kahr, Ruger, Colt, etc. malfunction on me one way or the other. If they aren't reiable they are gone. I've owned 6 Hk's and have yet to ever have one malfunction on me in any way ever. Kind of a no brainer you'd think if you were in my shoes. The difference is that my 3 of 3 Taurus all broke, not malfunctions, I'm talking broken, inoperable, needed to be sent back. My CCW is an Hk P7 or P7m8 and I trust them to perform in any given situation.
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