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Let's talk Taurus

John, I was at the range, firing normal winchester rounds. I gave the pistol to my son in law to try, he shot one round and the clip fell out. I took the gun, tried to put the clip back in but it wouldn't stay. Upon examining it further, the release button for the mag broke in half, causing the mag to release. I sent it back to Taurus, the said don't shoot reloads, which I haven't, and so I took it back to the range, fired about a half a box of ammo and the same thing happened. I have the PT911 with the fake gold release, and it looks like the release button is sheared in half. Sent it back to Taurus, the fixed it again. I haven't shot it since. Not real comfortable with the gun now.
Let me add, I am NOT a Taurus basher. I bought the gun of my own free will, and if I decide to sell it, it will be because I don't want it anymore. Taurus has been great about honoring their warranty although it is a hassle to ship it back and forth for repair. Be that as it may, I wouldn't cut down an entire company because of one inconvenient issue.

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