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"Just a little hole on the side to put bullets in" could as easily be an ejection port for somebody very unfamiliar with handguns.
"P-38" is also not a standard revolver marking, whereas....
But, the photo helps.
I completely disagree. If you read between the lines, no auto that I've ever saw, heard of or read about fits the description unless its homemade or broken, and even then, its a stretch to say its possibly an auto. Here is why:

i have found a very old s&w 38 revolver think this still could be an automatic? A 38 cal automatic - ya there's the 38 super, 38 special autos (midrange wadcutter) but where would the "S&W" come from? A model 52 maybe? Ok...I'll give you this one.
The term revolver itself involves a cylinder. Based on the OPs post, its a big assumption to think that the person doesn't know a revolver from an automatic, but moving on...

it also has p-38 on it
And you said...

"P-38" is also not a standard revolver marking, whereas....
An actual P38 pistol does not have a "side ejection" port that traditional autos have and as far as I know, no other automatics have "P-38" on them other than the 1938 world famous technological marvel itself and even then, there is no dash, its simply "P38" or "P 38" (spaced).

but he hammer has a cone like spike
(the hammer)

When was the last time you saw an auto with a hammer MOUNTED firing pin? I can't recall any myself.

the serial number is on the handle under the trigger gaurd
In this statement the OP is referring to the front strap. Judging by his choice of words, he is inferring that this is the only place where the SN is. Can you name an auto that only has the SN on the front strap? I cannot.

cuttout on the side to put the bullets in but no cover just an open spot
For it to be an auto after this statement, it would probably have to be broken because on any auto I've saw or owned, when the slide is fully forward, the chamber is no longer exposed, in the sense that you cannot see all of it IE you cannot see if a bullet is in the chamber or not from the side. I suppose a 1911 for example would not technically have a "cover" for the ejection port, but if it was closed, then the barrel would be there obstructing the "open slot" anyways. I guess this one could go either way.

Hey, I'm just sayin...
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