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It IS an H&R "Victor" - there are 5 "holes" in the target. No flutes in the cylinder and round barrel are give-away. It looks to be a Model 1904 derived revolver with the oversized, wrap around "Target Grips". If .38 S&W it will be a 5 shooter. To remove the cylinder, push in on the "blade" on the front of the frame and while holding that in - pull the cylinder pin out of the frame.
The "cone" on the hammer is the firing pin. Probable production era for that serial number is mid 19 teens. RETAIL Value - depending upon condition (which can't be told from the picture) would top out around $150 - $175 in EXCELLENT condition. Average Retail for Average condition examples will be in the $100 to $120 range. Junkers bring about $25 - 35 for parts.

NOTE: the cartridge is the .38 S&W NOT the .38 S&W SPECIAL. Seek professional help/evaluation (of your gun) before attempting to fire.
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