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Plenty of people have owned a Taurus and never had a problem. Plenty of people have owned a Charter Arms and never had a problem. But the quality control of both of these companies is very poor. What this means is that you have a significant likelihood of getting a lemon. When the firearms are produced as they should be, they are serviceable weapons. But you take a significant risk with your purchase.

Other companies, like Ruger, Smith, etc. have much better quality control. You might get a dud but the chances are extremely slim (never mind recalls, these are systemic issues that are always corrected for free). And if you indeed do have a problem, they will pay shipping, the people on the phone are great (particularly from Ruger and Smith) and the service is fast.

My FFL sees more Taurus returns than ANYTHING else. He doesn't deal with 4 guns. He deals with 100 Taurus firearms a year. Returns range from 5-15% a year. He says the rate for the other manufacturers is much lower, maybe 1-2% per year, typically user problems. The last I asked, they don't regularly pay for shipping but that may well be attributed to weapons breaking after the 1st year.

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