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I do not think it is a shame when a 1909 Argentine or a VZ-24 was converted into something like these rifles.
Many of the truly fine rifles built over the past century have been built around military surplus actions, mostly because they were reliable and available. And since most of our grandfathers' and fathers' contemporaries had actually seen the battlefields of the world, they had had enough of military rifles. They wanted to shoot, but they wanted something pretty.
My rifles will shoot rings around anything you can buy off a rack yet they're not worth half what I have in them.
Most will, and with style.
I've heard it said hundreds of times you can spend 1000 dollars turning a 500 dollar rifle into a 200 dollar rifle.
Whether you start with a $300 Savage, or a $1000 Remington, or a $100 surplus action, when done correctly the results are far more satisfying than an off-the-shelf rifle. If this were not true, why do these rifles attract so much attention at the range? Just sour grapes for folks who say they don't like 'em.
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