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to the actual mechanics of attaching a stock?
I can't address Co law, but as for attaching the stock...

The Draco uses a "pistol" rear trunnion. There are no provisions for attaching a fixed stock to it.
The trunnion is relatively simple to change out for a rifle one. Simply remove the rivets holding it in, drill holes for the rivets that hold the new trunnion in place, and rivet it in (welding up the original holes is purely cosmetic). Trunnions are available from multiple sources on the www.
For a folding stock, Ace, LTD makes an adapter that bolts to the rear of the pistol trunnion. Drill and tap 2 holes, screw it in place and away you go.

As always, have a completed and approved Form 1 in your possession prior to beginning any work to turn the Draco into an SBR. The hardest part of the conversion is waiting for the paperwork to be returned.

There are several discussions going on over on about SBRing Dracos. A fairly complete overview can be found Here

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