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Thats another fine looking rifle,Hawg!
OP,seing the other side of your potential rifle....It looks like some of the work that used to get put in the rifle pinup pictorial spreads in the old John T Amber Gun Digest.Custom makers like Biesen(sp?) and Fischer got to show their stuff.It would not surprise me if that was made by one of the Masters.
Now,with all due respect to the folks who believe in preserving military battle rifles,I do not think it is a shame when a 1909 Argentine or a VZ-24 was converted into something like these rifles.
And,for a time,a large part of what the serious gun culture was about was building these rifles from milsurps.
Today,it is more about buying the right parts to assemble an AR or something.
Thats OK,but taking a 98 or an 03 and a board and some chisels and files and making these just does not deserve the "Bubba" status.
You just can't go to the big box sporting goods and buy that kind of rifle every day.
And,doggone,if someone comes up with an action,and finds he has an old school streak in his soul and wants to try....he/she will run a lathe,cut some threads,chamber,headspace,file,polish,drill,tap,and chisel,scrape,learn to fit wood and steel.
Developing that person matters to the history upstream as much as whatever history is trapped in a thing in the back of some gunsafe.
Sad thing is,I guess the people from that era,like me,are dinosaurs.Modern shooters reality is rifles are made in factories.Anything else is suspect,or oh my gosh,altered!
Comes down to it,the rifle is worth however much someone will pay for it.
And,it would not surprise me if the market would not do it justice.

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