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Bill - pretty slick! Gene, Gabby and Roy would be proud of you! I was going to try this with my Vaquero (loaded of course ) but my better half put the "nix" on it until I get my cast iron chaps made.

I chuckled when I read post about the revolver going off in the holster. Reminded me of a story my Dad used to tell. He chummed around with a bunch of fellows in the twenties and thirties (couples) and one fellow had a Colt SAA 45. He used to fancy himself as a "quick draw artist". One New Year's Eve, he'd had a little too much to drink and proceeded to put on a "show" of his quick draw in the basement of the house where they were all partying. He quick drew just fine but he should have unloaded his wwapon first . . . he, ah . . . well . . . shot his pistol after drawing and put one right through the furnace.

Another tale I heard as a kid was about a "town character" who once worked on a ranch for several years out west. He fancied himself a "cowboy" and would often have a little too much to drink as well. He once did a "quick draw" for some fellas who were egginghim on and was going to show them how he could "fan" his Colt. Unfortunately, he cocked it when he drew and as he went to "fan" it, tore his palm completely open on the hammer firing spur.

Interesting videos Bill . . . you've obviously practiced a lot! Thanks for sharing!
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