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AK Draco SBR ?

Hello folks
I've really enjoyed shooting and collecting firearms over the years. I think my next purchase may be an AK Draco Pistol. The way I figure it, it's not too expensive to shoot, it's a new style of firearm I've never played around with, and it would compliment some of my other rifles nicely. Also they are pretty cheep, being around $400 out the door.
Someday I'd like to buy a Glock 21 sf, and get a silencer for it. But I wont ask about that right now. Right now I'd like to ask what it would take to turn an AK Draco Pistol into a Short barreled rifle...
I'm looking for information on everything from what fees, paper work, and waiting periods, are required here in the state of Colorado, to the actual mechanics of attaching a stock? I would hugely appreciate a full rundown if anyone feels like typing it out!

As far as a stock goes. I kind of like the idea of a standard wood stock. A folding stock of some sort would be neat, but I think I'd prefer a wood stock for a better cheek wield, and it's durability due to lack of moving parts that could loosen up over time.

I'm VERY interested in doing this. I may not do it all that soon. But I'd like to be getting the pistol it's self within a week or two. Who know's maybe I should get 2, one to keep as a pistol and turn the other into an SBR. I appreciate the help very much !

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