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"Trained by which professionals? In what environment?" [MLeake]

Training done by professionals (at a Michigan State approved training facility) with umpteen years of military and police background who certified me as part of the requirements pursuant to the aquisition of a Michigan Concealed Pistol License.

"But that doesn't address the period where you are threatened, before the attack has commenced."[Ibid]

I agree, its a gray area...I'm not saying your method is incorrect, whatever brings you out intact is fine with me...I'm just saying I was taught differently, for me it lessens the chances of gunplay, the last thing I want to do is draw the gun, and I will do anything I can to safely avoid violence. Depending on the situation I might just punch out the perp, but I would not draw the gun unless attacked.

"For hostile conditions, leaving the weapon holstered or slung when under threat would be considered ridiculous, and probably dereliction of duty in a military context." [Ibid]

The CPL is not a military license.

"Do you get that .4 second draw from a concealed holster? Under how many layers of clothing? Have you tried it when a BG is already in physical contact? Have you ever had clothing snag, or some other hindrance that slowed down your draw? What do you suppose the odds are that Murphy will have some say in your draw speed, if you wait until you really need to shoot? " [Ibid]

Yes, one layer, no, no, Murphy or....Lady Luck has been with me so far.

The (fast draw) gun I carry is the perfect rough and tumble gun, that can pretty much be used as easily as you use your fist.

The whole trick in my fast draw is not fast draw, its more like fast illusion, the body is almost motionless, almost like a magician's trick where something is magically produced from nothing.

Thank you for the interesting comments.

PS --- OldMarksman, just saw your post, thank you, I'll comment once I've reviewed it.
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