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I was trained by professionals who instructed me very clearly, if you are ATTACKED, you draw and shoot. Period.

As for the 90% that drawing and talking worked out for (MLeake stats), that's good, for the other 10%, hope they survived.

Anytime a gun is drawn many bad things can and do happen, I choose to avoid that.

"I'm sure you are well aware that you may not shoot simply because he chooses to not comply." [OldMarksman]

No mention of that in any of my posts. Read them all. Thank you for your comments.

In the real life example cited, I would have ordered the perp to stop and drop, (he would have complied, withdrawn or attacked) I would not have drawn unless attacked.

You're a good man TailGator, I have family in Florida, next visit I'll stop in at a local PD and see what they think of my sd protocol.

All the best.
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