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Rifleman1776, Hawg and Pahoo -

All good points, and it will perhaps surprise you that I agree with all of it. I certainly know the difference between a Chambers or a Stith and a CVA Omega; when I pick up a Chambers flintlock I literally don't feel worthy, and the CVA, well, toss it in the back of the truck and let's go home. And I also don't want to debate whether in-lines are good or bad, or their advocates are the next coming or simply asylum escapees. That's not been my point and I'm disappointed I haven't made that clear.

The fact of the matter is the in-lines are more popular, and the traditional guns are losing out. I don't think that's good. it's up to us to fix it and we don't do that by making it clear to the in-line owners that they're not considered sentient humanoids by the rest of us.

Look, I don't blame you for not liking the in-line guns. I don't either. But I believe we have to put that aside to get them to listen to us. That's where the new traditional shooters are going to come from. If we don't show at least some respect, they won't pay attention, and Matt and Tony won't sell another Southern Mountain or Virginia long rifle.

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