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Now I really don't understand why you insist on treating the population of in-line shooters with such disdain.

Feeling of disdain lie in deep seated feeling toward Side-Locks and In-Line. These feeling are valid and to be respected. My passion lies in Side-Locks and I view In-Lines much as I view shotguns. They are just another firearm. They certainly don't threaten my passion nor are they trying to deminish those feelings. The fact that they are called Muzzleloaders makes little or no difference to me, for I know the difference. I'm sure that In-Liners don't understand our attitude or really give a rat's patoody.

My conversation with In-Liners lasts about five minutes, tops. My conversation with Front-Stuffers could go on for hours. Ran into my old outlaw bunch yesterday and it was great getting caught up with old news. Just wish we could have had a good campfire to go with it. Sadly many have passsed on but the side-locks live on. Hey, I'm happy !!! ....

Be Safe !!!
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