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Well I use to think I was quite the quick draw artist. This back in 1965. Had
a Colt 45 . Lived out in the country and loved to walk around my pond scaring
the frogs. When they would croak and jump I would draw and fire trying to
beat them with with my bullet into the water. Well this one time I was a little
quicker on my trigger finger than my draw. The 45 went off in the holster
blowing the bottom out and the bullet entered my jeans and traveled the full
length inside my jeans and came out the bottom of the leg and went into the
ground beside my foot!!!. If the bullet had entered my leg I would have died
as I was about a 1/4 mile from the house and on foot. Guess I'm lucky to be
here. Well what did he do you ask? Well sir, I put the 45 back in my holster
and went right on quick drawing. I was thinking if I got scared and stopped,
I would never draw again. In my later years, I have stopped though. is offline  
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