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Welcome to the forum, and to the wonderful world of shooting. The previous posts offer good insights. I'll touch on a few points.

The single shot is not more accurate,but here is the deal. If you have one shot you are going to FOCUS on the one shot rather than just pull the trigger again. The most important key to hitting your target after aligning the sight picture is to slowly squeeze the trigger with smooth increasing pressure, and the last bit of an ounce press until the gun fires. Most jerk the trigger which will result in a miss. Also see where the sight is aimed when the gun fires, and you will know if it's a good shot or not.

The most accurate 22LR I ever fired was a Ruger 10/22 that belonged to a friend. He modified it with a trigger job, light and crisp with no creep. He put a heavy barrel on it himself from Butler Creek. He ordered an after market stock that really had a great feel. He also put a leupold 4x scope off of a hunting rifle with a one " tube. It was very clear. Man, you couldn't miss with this jewel. You can do these modifications as you go and can afford them. We shot at empty 22 cases put on weeds at 40' and shot from prone laying on the ground.

All 22 RF rifles will generally shoot one brand of ammo the best. You will have to test these from a sandbag rest to see which your gun likes.

I bought a $60 22 RF Winchester single shot used and using the hood of my truck with a rolled up jacket for support it will shot CCI Mini-mags into a 5 shot group the size of a nickel at 50 yards. Half inch at 50 yards is a good standard of accuracy for a 22 RF.

My family lived in Arkansas during The Great Depression. Many could shot a squirrel in the eye from a high moving branch of a Hickory Tree with a cheap ss single shot. If you had 5 shells, you'd better bring 5 squirrels home. If you missed, you went hungry, and the ole man may tan your fanny.

Friends have Marlin 22s with the micro-grove rifling in the barrel that are very accurate. You will get really good with the choices suggested and become an excellant marksman. Good Luck and Shooting. It's a fun experience. Eagle
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