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Grandma's cold recipe.

We've had another windy cold front come through Florida and for the second time this winter, I've got that dang nagging sinus/chest congestion cold that usually drags on like walking pneumonia for days or even weeks. So tonight I dragged out my grandmother's cold/congestion recipe again.

2 fingers of Kentucky bourbon. A half shot of white wine vinegar (red wine vinegar will do just as well). A dash of molasses and a dash of honey. 20 to 25 secs in the microwave to make a hot toddy (grandma used a stove) and stirred to mix.

Not sure if it did my cold/congestion any good or not, but I can tell you that after the third one I'm feeling much better! The fourth one is heating up in the microwave right now. After that one I may still be sick but won't care Lol.

Being sick doesn't have to be a drag. Grandma knew what she was doing.

I may seem to be kidding, but actually the honey and vinegar are the real ingredients that make it work and help combat the illness. The Bourbon is just a little alcohol plus that you can leave out if you want, but why?
Vicks formula 44 has alcohol in it as do most cough suppressants. This recipe is better.

Grandma also took a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of vinegar every day. She was rarely sick. We should be so lucky.

She also taught me about the healing qualities of eating raw garlic. Last year my wife and I came down with some flu bug that had us both singing the blues and no pills would help. I peeled some raw garlic and we both ate four or five raw cloves on a piece of bread with mayonnaise and although we both smelled like a spaghetti factory the next day we were both well believe it or not!

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