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This boolit was dubbed the "grand canyon" by it's creator over on I guess the cavernous hollow point was the reason!? It does have a bit more ogive than the Ranger Rick's Tyrannosaurus Thumpers.

Anyway, I dumped the hard alloy, refilled with soft lead that was reclaimed from a "statue", or lead sculpture. A friend at the FORMER workplace,(ha ha does that ever feel good to say former), had the sculpture sitting around his dad's shop for years. He thought it was babbit. I bought all the lead from him for $.50/pound. It has some tin in it, I added some lead free solder which is 95 tin-5% antimony. Weight of those round HP bullets went up from 605 to 624 by changing to softer lead. These should expand even at only 1200 because of the huge HP.

GP, good catch on the lack of lube on the mold. It worked fine without anything on it for lube. I did use some bullplate lube on it for the second try today. Didn't seem to make any difference. That white thing on the sprue plate pivot screw is the wave/pressure washer for the SP. Looks to be stainless steel.

Disco, I cast up 50 of the round HP today, I'll try to get some of the penta points made tomorrow. If I can solve the problem with the boolits hanging onto the HP pin. I think it's the milling marks on the sides of the pin, I'll try to polish them a bit, see if that helps.

I went to ladle casting for the last run. That made a big difference in fill-out and sharp driving bands. 4 ounces of tin didn't hurt either!
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