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I see no logic to the general attitude in this thread - ie, the results of the OP's action were positive; therefore, his actions were wise. That is no better than a gambler going in and betting his home and life savings on one spin of the roulette wheel. Ok, he won the spin and won a billion dollars; therefore, the gambler's actions were wise.

The results of the encounter were actually determined by the actions of the bad guy. If he had been armed and had chosen to draw and shoot, the results of the encounter would likely have been different and the thread responses likely would have drifted toward critizing the OP's decision to turn and run and leave the bad guy with ultimate control.

Being a mathematician, I would NEVER allow anyone to convince me that the roll of the dice coming up seven the first roll indicated that would be the wise bet every time I roll the dice. Having seen one outcome out of many possiblilities is not a smart way of calculating the odds for a positive outcome in general.
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