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Ok so I finally went and got to actually hold and get a look at the ruger 10-22 and marlin 795. First thing off the bat I noticed was how small the guns looked and felt. The ruger felt a lot better than the marlin to me. It fit my shoulder better, weighed just a bit heavier (which I liked so it didn't feel like a pellot gun), had better factory sights IMO, and also had a better magazine IMO.

The marlin felt a little cheap and almost like plastic for some reason. I didn't like the magizine it came with because it felt like I could break it just by dropping it and I didn't know how long it would last. The thing I really didn't like about the marlin was that everytime you load in a fresh magazine you can't just pull back on the bolt and rock n' roll. You have to push down on this thing on the side to let the bolt slide forward. It was just something I didn't like.

Didn't make a purchase today but I definitely will in the summer. I'm gonna go with what everyone is saying for sure this time and get the 10-22. I havn't decided whether or not i'm going to attend any classes yet. Just gonna see what happens in the future.

Once again thanks goes out to everyone for your advice and input.
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