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Thanks for the clarification, Seaman. I notice two things:

(1) The protocol that you proposed to the instructors and LEOs lacked the "kiss the pavement" line. I would not expect compliance to that line. I am not clear on when you go from "stop and withdraw" to "stop and drop." Telling someone firmly to back off is tried and true. Ordering someone to the ground, with no badge and no weapon, maybe not so much.

(2) I am not on board with the idea that a drawn gun has to be fired. You yourself indicated that when an assailant sees you are armed he might surrender or flee (if you can forgive the paraphrase). Shooting a surrendering or fleeing assailant will, in many jurisdictions, be a pretty big problem. There are claims that an extraordinarily large number of defensive uses of a firearm are successful without a shot being fired. (My foggy memory says 95%?) We should be prepared to fire, but we should also be prepared to spare ourselves the emotional, legal, and financial hardship of firing unnecessarily.
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