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Yo Tailgator:

Have run following protocol by three different south-east Michigan PDs and they are fine with it. Also reviewed it (during a training session) with a retired Detroit police officer, of 2 decades service, now instructor, who lectures on CCW related legal issues.

Please note that Michigan has open carry, concealed carry, and a brandishing law.

My self defence protocol is as follows:

If I am approached by a suspect BG who looks menacing/threatening I do NOT draw my weapon until it is 100% certain that there is an imminent deadly threat. For example - the suspect rushes at me with a knife drawn, or threatens me and draws a gun.

And if I don't see a weapon, but strongly suspect trouble, I order the BG to stop and back off.

My gun would NOT be presented while ordering the suspect.

If the suspect is innocent he can simply stop and withdraw.

If the suspect has verbally threatened me and stated he is armed (but no weapon presented or seen by me) and intends robbing me, he would have the choice of complying with my stop and drop order, or fleeing, or attacking.

I would only draw my gun if attacked. And yes, if I draw my gun it goes boom.

If the preceeding is not clear, please query further.
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