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Casting **** !!!!

Snuffy , the mold is beatiful just summtin bout brass !!!!

Those 700 grainers ought to knock a hole in anything that walks, talks or crawls !!!

I believe Miha`s molds have more oglive than the 1s Red River Rick casts ,his look like a cyl almost , but still devastating ,even to look at !!!

Believe me I understand bout the tired hands & wrists I`ve spent 27yrs or so working on vehicles & mine are bout shot !

What kind of lube are ya using on the mold ??I see white dust of sorts on the sprueplate bolt & the pins look dry ????

I like the idea of swappin the pins to get HP or solids !!! I bought a mold off ICH the NOE 360-180 & it`s a very versatile mold , it has 1 cavity GC & 1 PB

Sometimes I argue with myself what to cast solids or HPs , but as long as I cast , as long as I cast , as long as I cast !!!
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