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Okay- don't get mad. I admit I shoot both. I held off of the in-lines for a long time but the hunter in me sort of won out. My eyes can't make out antlers in some situations and a scope is a big help.
The first time I went to the range I ended up shooting 1 1/2" groups at 100 yards. I couldn't believe it. That is as good or better than most of my modern cartridge rifles. Some of the other guys at the range were equally amazed. That is NO CREDIT to me- I was shooting off of sandbags- all the credit goes to the firearm. In any event I had to ask myself- does a rifle of this capability really belong in the muzzle loading season? After all it is as accurate as any other rifle. I think the big danger with the in-lines is if they end up adversely impacting the regular muzzle loading season. I know that some states don't allow in-lines and if my state followed suite I wouldn't be that upset, it was just that other guys were bringing in big bucks with in-lines and I had missed a few with my sidelock and, well, errr...... I ended up with an in-line. Still, I have issues. As I said if the state banned in-lines it would actually be ok with me- everyone would be back to equal footing.
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