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coop2564 - first of all you don't use the Manage Attachments function for pictures you have already uploaded to an external hosting site such as Photobucket. That function is for uploading images to this site from your home system.

In general, a link to an image that resides on any site, including ours, will be of the form (using your image as an example):

If you want the image to appear in the post, you would use the Image format supplied by photobucket. It should look like this:

Note that the only difference between the two are the tags used. Photobucket tries to make it easy to use, but the user can manipulate almost any legitimate image file into either a link or an image with the proper tags. You don't need to include their "action=view" or any other items in the URL peculiar to photobucket.

As for attachments (images you have uploaded to TFL), you can do the same things as you do with Photobucket images. You can link to them in other posts, or you can show them as images in other posts, not just the one where you uploaded it. Use the same tag formats as above. For the image file, you would use the attachment address that looks like this:
You don't need any of the stuff that follows the attachmentid, but it can be included if you wish.

You get that URL of an attachment from the attachment properties. Simply move your cursor over the attachment wherever it resides (or in your User CP -> Attachments listing), right click on it and the Properties address is available for copying.

By the way, the image you posted above is actually this code:

That is in reality a hyperlink, and is unnecessary in order to show an image. In other words, you created an image from a linked image. Only the last part - the IMG taqgged part - is required to show the image.

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