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Ya thinkin bout sellin me some a them beauties Snuffy???
How many do ya want? I don't "sell" boolits, but I will send you enough to load some for whatever the flat rate box ships for. I ya want to reimburse me for the lead, that's your call.

Let me get the demands of that huge mold down pat, I'll cast some of whatever point configuration you want of softer lead. I have some .22 rimfire spent bullets mined from an indoor range where only target .22 were fired. It's soft enough to expand well with those cavernous HP's. There will be no concern about leading, if you could get them to 1300 fps, you'd be stretching it. With the carnuba red, and the gas check, you'd not have to be worried about leading.

Oh yeah, that mold weighs a lot. Hmm I wonder what the kitchen scale has to say---------. 2-¾ pounds! My wrist got pretty tired after making about 50 boolits last night. I'm hardly a wimp, I worked for many years as an assembler of heavy duty axles. Although I retired last friday, 3-4-11, I haven't had time to get soft ----YET!
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