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Hardy, feel free to plagiarize, hack, modify, or throwout what I wrote. I think the key is to capture the imagination of those who aren't already involved with reenactments. I'm sure the reenactment fellas already know about you. I'm certain there's a large segment of the population that always was curious about the firearms they see in those all those war and old west movies. As someone else suggested it would be most helpful to be able to demonstrate these firearms to newbs by having a place to fire them. It would certainly make it easier to hook them. The other thing is, if you aren't already doing it, is to show up at the local gun ranges when they are busy and make a lot of smoke-n-boom. It seems that a real demonstration of these firearms is always a crowd pleaser. There've been numerous reports on this forum about some of your buds on here hooking some of those smokeless devils into our sport.
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