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mykeal asked me: "How about it - are you willing to be an ambassador for our sport?"

I am and have been for more than forty years. I am a former NMLRA Field Rep. I have helped form and charter 16 clubs in Arkansas a few more in other states. Arkansas NMLRA membership peaked when I was a Rep. I have written many articles for Muzzle Blasts and the old Buckskin Report. I was an NMLRA safety instructor and had a small part in writing the original manual. I have spoken countless times to civic groups and schools. There is probably a lot more but my tired old brain can't recall it all right now. Muzzle loading and early American history have been my passion for much of my life. I have appeared in three doumentary films on early history. I fly a Bennington flag in front of my home. Oh,....lots more.
Admittedly, slowing down. Age and living on SS don't cooperate with my 'wants' as much as I would like.
Any more questions?
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