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This should be interesting... apparently at least one Mexican politician is announcing he will ask the United States to extradite the ATF agents responsible for Fast and Furious to Mexico to stand charges
The US Embassy, oddly enough, released a statement today.

The alleged transfer of arms to Mexican territory at this point is exactly that - an allegation.
...albeit one with some pretty substantial evidence.

There is no contradiction between the statement of the Mexican government and the information provided by the United States concerning an operation that dismantled a major arms trafficking ring that has been called Fast and Furious. The operation took place on U.S. territory and arrested 20 defendants on January 25, 2011.
Considering the cost and scope of the operation, I wouldn't consider the arrest of a few low-level folk "dismantling a major arms ring."

In any case, the collateral damage will continue to be felt for years.
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